Your Weekly Kane News

So on Fridays, I’ll post some stuff I think you should know. What CK is up to, tour dates, puppy wrangling news and whatnot. šŸ™‚

So he’s shooting a movie with Skeet Ulrich called 50 to 1 you can follow them on Twitter for info, updates, and release dates.

There are Con dates & Tour Dates up on so if he’s gonna be where you are….get a ticket. šŸ™‚

Leverage is back on Tuesday, November 27th …but still no renewal news. I have an opinion and a theory, but I’ll keep that to myself as I do not believe it will be popular. lol

Also there is no news on Christian’s ep of Taste of Music. But that is one thing I’m very excited to see…aren’t you?

And if you find yourself with a few spare minutes head on over to Country Weekly and vote for CK…it’s unlimited voting….so vote til your finger bleeds and your mouse is begging you to stop. šŸ™‚

And … also on Friday to end our news blog, there will be the Question of the Week…

This week… Think back to your favorite old movie (and by old I mean released before 1980) and tell me which leading man role you think Christian would have been good in. Me … I think Johnny Hooker from The Sting. It’s the part played by Robert Redford in the movie and think CK would be amazing in it. So tell me what movie you see him in.

Oh and one more thing ….. I can’t do a blog post without a little Kane to look at so …..

See ya next week : )


2 thoughts on “Your Weekly Kane News

  1. Great news. I hope to go to the ShowTimeCon, I have my ticket, I have my PhotoOps, I have my Meet & Greet, next Thursday I hope to buy the Cocktail Party …. Is it possible that Iā€™m a little obsessed? Naa… šŸ˜‰ And Steve there is a plus. I leave you the link of FB, In case you want to go (I hope so) šŸ™‚

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