Your Weekly Kane News

First up… congrats to the Kane Con Gals! Great job on the Con itself, and for all the coinage raised for the charities. So amazing.


And with that little nugget of news….I’ve already started saving my pennies so I can go next year. (actually I had started doing that earlier, because Susie promised me Jack Daniels if I go. lol)
And it seems, our Christian has become one of “those people” ….what kind of people you ask? Well….this kind.

And if you have a smart ass remark to make….

am I the only who had to fight to NOT make fun of him….just hoping to get bitten? Yes, I know, I’m an awful person…. sue me.

Also, don’t forget… tour & Con dates are up at go see if him if you can. And if you do…tell him hi from me. 🙂
They are finishing up shooting 50 to 1 in Kentucky so that’s where the puppy wrangling is happening now.
No, still no news on a Leverage renewal ……my head is about to explode.
There are still 9 days of voting on Country Weekly’s ‘Who is Country Music’s Sexiest Man poll… vote early…vote often. 🙂
This week’s Question of the Week … if you could cook for Christian …what would you make for him?
Me…I created an entire meal just for him called Jack Daniels Saturday Night which includes Jack Daniels glazed beef tenderloin and ends with Jack Daniels Pecan Pie…so what would YOU make?
And of course no post around here would be complete without a Kane pic so here ya go….


And there ya have it ….see ya next week 🙂


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