Kane Con News

The Kane Con Committee is asking for your help .. below is a request (or two) from Michelle Lizotte Waniewski who is one of the women organizing the event. So if you have what she wants or can do what she wants… then why are you still sitting there…get busy 🙂

if anyone has a Kane-inspired tattoo or license plate, please post here or email to me at kanecon1@gmail.com with “Michelle” in the subject line. I want to post all plate and tattoo pictures in our gallery as soon as possible. CALLING ALL ARTISTS, CRAFTERS, WRITERS etc – we are collecting art for our silent auction and art show at the next CON. The items that were made and auctioned last year raised SO much money for the Kane charities and our goal this year is higher. Please see our website for details on what items can be shown vs auctioned. If you plan to do a piece, please email or PM me and let me know what you plan to make, how many and a picture if you have one. This is one of our most important events and we’d love to see that continue. We will be getting some very cool auction items that are unique this year so stay tuned for more info on that. Thanks!

So, there ya go .. get to work! 🙂


And just so you don’t feel like I lured you here under false pretenses…. KANE PORN!!!

  wk 27 33


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