KaneCon Cookbook

Newest KaneCon info … there’s gonna be a cookbook that will be used to raise money for the various charities supported by Christian and by Steve. Info is below:

Hello folks – something exciting is coming! The Ladies of the KaneCon2 committee are collecting your BEST recipes for our Kaniac Cookbook that will be a fundraiser for KaneCON and will ultimately benefit the Kane Charities. We are especially interested in low carb/diabetic and low fat/heart healthy recipes if you have good ones, but all fabulous recipes will be accepted. We will need a clear ingredient list with amounts, precise procedure, amount the recipe feeds and a PICTURE of the completed product. There will be more details forthcoming, but I just wanted you all to be thinking about what you might be able to contribute. To answer the obvious question, we are soliciting recipes from certain “special” people as well. Stay tuned for more details on the cookbook soon!!

You can submit your recipes to kanecon1@gmail.com and put Michelle Recipes in the subject line.
Speaking of Christian and Cooking…


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