All the Kaniac’s birthdays in one convenient place. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. I like the site. Love all the pictures. Your tweets to your fans are a great touch. Everyone loves it. I got into this fan business while staying home fighting cancer. I had NOTHING but a PC and TV to keep me entertained. I have seen EVERYTHING on TV at least twice. Your music and Leverage is what I looked forward to. Got me through lots of pain and loneliness. I will be a hard core forever! I have been a survivor for 8 years now and you were the main I stayed interested in even getting up. Thank You!! You never know how you affect people. @MarcieNobles #@ChristianKane01 Thank You again!

    • Marcie, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words about my site, I’m happy you are enjoying it.

      I am not, however Christian.. just a fan with a similar story of survival (rape not cancer) and who was saved by CK and his music. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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