Your Daily Kane For March 2013


2 thoughts on “Your Daily Kane For March 2013

  1. An ALMOST straight line – an ALMOST perfect color contrast … perfect in it’s simplicity. The line is slightly curved & the colors are white against dark gray – NOT black.

    I see a representation of the life journey of a blessed person. The line curves slightly up for 3/4 of the way through childhood, youth & adulthood. As the line reaches the last quarter it dips slightly possibly representing the realization of wrongs that need to be righted & responsibilities that need to be accepted. The dip is slight telling me that their baseline strength, integrity, courage & morals will not fail that individual. The line ends in an upward stroke which speaks to me of success, satisfaction & balance at the end of their life.

    I believe this is what God wanted for us as only He is actually perfect. We were created in His image & I think this is what we are supposed to do. Keep it simple & do the right thing! That is what I really think!

    Or, it could just be a line on a chalkboard … Heh Heh Heh!!!

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