I haven’t made a banner for the KaneCon2 Page yet so that will have to do until I do. 🙂

So here is where you can find all the news that’s fit to print regarding KaneCon2
Update 11/18/12: The Date: Friday April 25-Sunday April 27, 2014


Update 11/21/2012: The First Fundraising Drive is about to get underway. You can win Leverage DVDs signed by loads of people and you can get the info HERE


Update 12/17/2012:  The location for KaneCon2 has been chosen and announced….. Los Angeles, California.


Update 2/1/13: The Kane Con Committee is asking for your help .. below is a request (or two) from Michelle Lizotte Waniewski who is one of the women organizing the event. So if you have what she wants or can do what she wants… then why are you still sitting there…get busy 🙂

if anyone has a Kane-inspired tattoo or license plate, please post here or email to me at kanecon1@gmail.com with “Michelle” in the subject line. I want to post all plate and tattoo pictures in our gallery as soon as possible. CALLING ALL ARTISTS, CRAFTERS, WRITERS etc – we are collecting art for our silent auction and art show at the next CON. The items that were made and auctioned last year raised SO much money for the Kane charities and our goal this year is higher. Please see our website for details on what items can be shown vs auctioned. If you plan to do a piece, please email or PM me and let me know what you plan to make, how many and a picture if you have one. This is one of our most important events and we’d love to see that continue. We will be getting some very cool auction items that are unique this year so stay tuned for more info on that. Thanks!

So, there ya go .. get to work! 🙂


Update 2/15/13: The lovely and talented Ladies of the KaneCon2 Committee would like you to know that you may now register for the event. Please make sure you read and understand everything on the application before you submit so there will be no surprises 🙂


I am pleased to announce that registration for KaneCon 2014 is now OPEN! Please see the homepage for details on pricing and our terms/conditions: http://www.kane-con.com. We have also added new merchandise to the store and a wonderful testimonials page so you can all see what previous attendees have said about their KaneCon experience. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT APPLICATIONS FOR REGISTRATION MUST BE APPROVED before you are able to purchase tickets in the store – you will NOT be allowed to purchase a ticket until your application has been reviewed, approved and you receive a confirmation. Your confirmation email will have details with all of the other information you will need. There will be a separate FB page for paid registrants and we will update you on that when the time comes. In order to maintain the more intimate feel of the CON, we have instituted a maximum number of participants and therefore space is limited so if you are interested in attending, don’t wait to fill out your registration application. We hope to see in LA in 2014!

Update 2/17/13 New Stuff:
Newest KaneCon info … there’s gonna be a cookbook that will be used to raise money for the various charities supported by Christian and by Steve. Info is below:

Hello folks – something exciting is coming! The Ladies of the KaneCon2 committee are collecting your BEST recipes for our Kaniac Cookbook that will be a fundraiser for KaneCON and will ultimately benefit the Kane Charities. We are especially interested in low carb/diabetic and low fat/heart healthy recipes if you have good ones, but all fabulous recipes will be accepted. We will need a clear ingredient list with amounts, precise procedure, amount the recipe feeds and a PICTURE of the completed product. There will be more details forthcoming, but I just wanted you all to be thinking about what you might be able to contribute. To answer the obvious question, we are soliciting recipes from certain “special” people as well. Stay tuned for more details on the cookbook soon!!

You can submit your recipes to kanecon1@gmail.com and put Michelle Recipes in the subject line.


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