There are 2 Birthdays in the Nation Today!

First up… Happy Birthday to Pam Newkirk .. y’all can show her some love on FB and on Twitter!

Happy Birthday Pam!!


3.10 pam newkirk bday

And next is Virginia Young .. you can show her some love here or on FB.

Happy Birthday Virginia!!
3.10 virginia young bday


I hope you both have a great day!


Like Me on Facebook

So the Kane Nation Facebook Page has over 200 likes… and as promised all during the month of March you will get a mini Rule Number 7 Day on Wednesdays every week. You will earn yourselves this lovely prize any month that the page gets a 100 likes or more, the following month will have Rule Number 7 Day on Wednesdays & Sundays .. the more you pimp me out…the better I pay you. 🙂


wk 38 13