Birthday in the Nation!

It’s Sam Remillard’s birthday today. Y’all can so her some love on FB and Twitter.


Happy Birthday Sam….I hope it’s Kanealicious!
3.27 sam r bday


Party in the Nation Today!!

It’s Carla Lindbecks’ bday today. Y’all can show her some Kaniac love on FB and Twitter
Happy Birthday Carla… I love ya more than bacon…but I’m still not eating the Vegemite. πŸ™‚

3.24 carla lindbeck bday

Birthday Party in the Nation

Happy Birthday to Amanda Landers .. you can show her some love on FB and on Twitter πŸ™‚
Happy Birthday Amanda I hope you have an awesomely wonderful day πŸ™‚
3.11 amanda landers bday

Happy Birthday to Karen Johnstone.. you can also show her some love on FB and on Twitter

Happy Birthday Karen… I hope you also have an awesomely wonderful day:)
3.11 karen johnstone bday