Rule Number 7 Day Week 9

wk 9 1a-vert

wk 9 2a-horz

wk 9 3a-horz

wk 9 4a-horz

wk 9 5a-horz

wk 9 6a-horz

wk 9 7a-vert

wk 9 8a-vert

wk 9 9a-horz

wk 9 10a-vert

wk 9 11a-vert

wk 9 12a-horz

wk 9 13a-vert

wk 9 14a-horz

wk 9 15a-horz

wk 9 16a-horz

wk 9 17a-horz

wk 9 18a-horz

wk 9 19a-horz

wk 9 20a-horz

wk 9 21a-horz

wk 9 22a-horz

wk 9 23a-horz

wk 9 24a-horz


2 thoughts on “Rule Number 7 Day Week 9

  1. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…everybody’s looking. “Those eyes” “That ass” “He’s so hot” Look a little closer. He is not trying to impress anybody. Try listening. His music is not only good, it is powerful and his voice is truly beautiful. What he says & how he says it is what sets him apart. Handsome men are a dime a dozen. Sorry to beak it to you Girls, but I am older & wiser, I hope you listen to one of us.

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